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Share your story.

This workshop is designed to stimulate ideas and generate material  for your own stories. We’ll share our writing in an open and supportive environment.

How do we tell our stories? What do we include in writing, and what remains unsaid?

Using theme based writing and step-by-step guidance, you’ll get your stories on paper just 2 pages at a time. No previous writing experience necessary.

What are participants saying?

“Each workshop would spark many memories of what I could write about. I was surprised by how many ideas I got in class and how Michele helped me focus on what to write.”

“In the journey of writing and sharing my life story, I feel myself become gentler with my life and the people in it.”

Workshop attendees:

  • Each week you will receive materials and instruction on various Life Story techniques and topics
  • Write about ideas which inspire and reflect what you want to share about your life
  • Each week participants read a portion of their writing from the week prior

For step by step guidance, sign up for the writing workshop series with facilitator and author Michele Brown

More information on the Workshops

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 Top reasons people attend this workshop:

#1- Motivation

#2- Writing exercises

#3- Inspiration for theme and content

#4- Support and accountability partnership

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 Next workshop series in Bountiful beginning  January 5, 2017

Next workshop series in Salt Lake City beginning January 27, 2017


2 thoughts on “Workshops Offered

  1. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools organizers can use to unite a movement. Your story is the “why” of organizing the art of translating values into action through stories. It is an ongoing discussion process through which individuals, communities and nations construct their identity, make choices and inspire action. Each of us has a compelling story to tell that can move others.

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