Do You Have A Story To Tell?

I've been honored to work with thousands of people over the years who've shared their most intimate, painful and life changing stories with me.

Their stories have touched many lives and your story can too.

Reconciling and gaining clarity regarding your experiences are both part of the discovery that goes along with life story writing.

If you have a personal story to tell, I’m here to help.

We each need support, guidance and encouragement along the way.

I've created and designed online life story writing programs to keep you motivated and focused as you write your story.

Through writing prompts, guided inspiration, and accountability partnership, your stories will take shape and become a collection you’ll be proud to share.


What participants are saying:

“Each workshop would spark many ideas of what and how to write. I was surprised by the amount of content I got in class and how Michele helped me focus on what to write.” ~Julie

"In the journey of writing and sharing my life story, I feel myself becoming gentler with my life path and the people on it.” ~Deb

"I was pleasantly surprised by this workshop! I initially attended with my mother to support her but ended up feeling really motivated to write my own stories." ~Ben

"Michele made a huge impact on my life through the workshop. I am so grateful." ~Irina

"This program was amazing, and honestly life changing for me!  Michele helped me sort out my goals and make them attainable - and I cannot imagine another instructor as patient and perceptive.  Highly recommend!" ~ HartshornArt   

"This program has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in YEARS.  I am REALLY going to miss the weekly calls; hearing the pieces that others are working on and listening to the feedback and suggestions given has been just fantastic. It’s helped me to look at my own writings in a new way. The suggestions you gave in our one on one call were HUGE. Amazing! Thanks so much for everything!" ~ LW

More comments from graduates:

"So many 'aha' moments in this program." ~ Lynn
"I'm forever changed after this experience." ~ Marge
"Each week on Q&A calls, I came away with pages and pages of notes." ~Barb

"I'm writing on a regular basis, and with your help am beginning to see how I might be able to put my pieces of writing together. The module videos and backup are fantastic and there's always something that gets me going. I've taken several different types of writing classes over the past 5-10 years, and I'm making much more progress this time! Knowing that I'll have permanent access to all of the resources found in the modules is fantastic. A great investment in my writing future!" ~ Laurie

"My wins in the "TellMeYourStory" program is a greater belief in myself. I can do what I've wanted to do for a long time and that is to put pen on paper. Saving my life and those of my family members is important to me. Michele, thank you for investing in so many around the world!" ~Charlotte


 Top reasons to attend:

#1- You Desire to write your story in a way that reflects you most authentic journey

#2- You need a system that gets RESULTS

#3- You're looking for Motivation with Step by Step Instruction and Guidance

#4- You value Support and Accountability Partnerships


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  1. My story is truly about knowing who you are, as a woman of god because there have been people being lost because of not knowing there purpose
    in life and living and walking it out.

  2. I am currently inn the process of writing and publishing four books regarding important events in my life. I an very self motivated to write. My biggest hurdle is time because I am my husbands sole caretaker after a major stroke!… Often I stay up most of the night trying to stay on top of his care, plus writing (or I fall into bed exhausted and arise at 3:30-4am to get a head start on my day before my husband wakes.) Would this workshop add more stress in that I would be receiving assignments on top of my book publishing goals?!

    1. Diana,
      I can’t give you an answer until I know more about your current writing goals. If you’d like to get on a phone call, we can discuss what you’re working on and decide if this workshop would help you in reaching those goals.
      Please use this link below to schedule a call with me:

  3. I would love to be a part of the mentored workshops.
    I’ve lived a very full life at the age of 57, but feel I’ve missed out on the most fulfilling part of life, having my own family.
    Wanda Johnston

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Great question!
      Self-Discovery 365 is a group mentorship specifically focused on the journey of self-discovery writing. When you join, you receive 1 writing prompt each day, by email, for 365 days. These prompts are designed to guide you through that self-discovery writing journey. Members are also invited to a private Facebook group where they can join in the group sharing – share your writing and comment with others in the group. This is where Michele also does the group mentoring.

      Life Story Workshop is a 10 week workshop that includes a members web site area with tons of content (videos and PDF’s) only accessible by members. I’ve been told there is enough content in this workshop to keep one writing for the rest of their life! It is designed to guide you through the process of discovering and writing of your best life stories. Weeks of the workshop have their own specific focus with modules that include video and content to support that focus. Each of the 10 weeks include a live Q&A conference call with Michele and other current life story workshop members. In addition, you have 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Michele during the 10 week period.

  4. I’m interested in any workshops you offer. I need goals to begin. I’ve written a 30 page book about my father and family in an online college genealogy class and it was very difficult. My instructor reviewed my book and offered suggestions to make it clearer. Is that offered here?

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