Do You Have A Story To Tell?

I've been honored to work with thousands of people who've shared their most intimate, painful and life changing stories with me over the years.

Their stories have touched many lives and yours can too.

Reconciling and gaining clarity regarding your experiences are both part of the discovery that goes along with life story writing.

If  you have a personal story to tell,  I’m here to help.

We each need support, guidance and encouragement along the way, which is why I’ve created this program.

This program is designed to keep you motivated and focused as you write your story.

Through writing exercises, guided inspiration, and accountability partnership, your stories will take shape and become a collection you’ll be proud to share.


What are participants saying?

“Each workshop would spark many ideas of what and how to write. I was surprised by the amount of content I got in class and how Michele helped me focus on what to write.” ~Julie

"In the journey of writing and sharing my life story, I feel myself becoming gentler with my life path and the people on it.” ~Deb

"I was pleasantly surprised by this workshop! I initially attended with my mother to support her but ended up feeling really motivated to write my own stories." ~Ben

"Michele made a huge impact on my life through the workshop. I am so grateful." ~Irina

"This program was amazing, and honestly life changing for me!  Michele helped me sort out my goals and make them attainable - and I cannot imagine another instructor as patient and perceptive.  Highly recommend!" ~ HartshornArt   

Recent comments from graduates:
"So many 'ah ha' moments in this program."
"I'm forever changed after this experience."
"Each week on Q&A calls, I came away with pages and pages of notes."


 Top reasons to attend this online workshop:

#1- You Desire to write your story in a way that reflects you most authentic journey

#2- You need a system that gets RESULTS

#3- You're looking for Motivation with Step by Step Instruction and Guidance

#4- You value Support and Accountability Partnerships



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  1. I’m interested in any workshops you offer. I need goals to begin. I’ve written a 30 page book about my father and family in an online college genealogy class and it was very difficult. My instructor reviewed my book and offered suggestions to make it clearer. Is that offered here?

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