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Teaching Life Story writing workshops for over 15 years, Michele Brown has also facilitated "Lessons Learned in Life" and "Conversation Life Story" group discussions for 13 years. A certified Guided Autobiography instructor, a member of APH (Association of Personal Historians) and SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). She is a published author, business owner and previous Learning and Development director for Xerox.


Michele writes...

Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated by listening to my parents and grandparents share their stories. I can remember sitting at the feet of my grandmother many times and asking her to repeat my favorite stories about her life. These stories always included some crossroads or serious dilemma looming in the background.  I felt that her stories gave me another glimpse into the real woman my grandmother was and not just this older woman in front of me who’d grown tired and weary. She passed away before I was 12 years old and I can vividly recall these moments of sitting with her and listening intently as she told me her stories.

As I grew into adulthood it was natural for me to draw out stories from strangers who would often tell me “I’ve never told anyone that before”.  My passion and interest in listening to people tell their story has continued through the years. In 2002 I began conducting “Write Your Life Story” workshops and working with individuals to record their stories. Contemplating writing an entire life history can sometimes feel overwhelming. I specialize in writing specific stories we hope to share and not necessarily a long history from birth to present day.


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