Self-Discovery Writing Mentorship


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***Once you join, you will have access to the writing prompts and all private material inside of the Members Area and Facebook group. Therefore, we have a no refund policy.

(You can cancel your membership at any time should you decide you no longer wish to participate.)

Members Experience:

- Weekly self-discovery prompts by email. These prompts help to create awareness of the authentic vision and personal goals you have for your life.

- Weekly video lessons that highlight at least one new self-discovery prompt each week.

- Write to the weekly prompt on your own and/OR share your written response with other members in our Members Only Facebook group.

- Listen in on monthly Circle of Influence calls where insightful excerpts of members self-discovery writing will be shared. 

- Quarterly Self Discovery Milestone markers that help to identify common threads (from your self-discovery writing), life theme, values, beliefs, and newly revealed positive    concepts of self.

- Compile specific (themed) stories and turning points, edit and publish if desired.

- Continue discovering more and more as the ebb and flow of life moves you along.