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Learn to write with focus! Join me for the next 365 days of Self-Discovery writing ❤️

Go ahead and start writing by creating a strong foundation for your story.
You'll need uniquely designed writing prompts that help to peel back the layers so you can see your life with greater meaning and clarity.
In this 12-month writing mentorship, you can work directly with me as you craft your story.

You will receive:

Writing prompts designed to help you focus on 12 essential elements of life story writing. 

BUT not just any old writing prompt will work!

You need specifically designed prompts that assist you in uncovering and writing your best stories.

Receive a unique writing prompt each day (by email) for 365 days.

Delivered on a daily journal page that you can download, and write or type on directly.

You'll be invited to an exclusive Facebook group where I'm involved in regular coaching. 

When writing, you need discovery questions that are specifically designed to help you reveal your most authentic story. I've developed these 365 prompts to guide you in the 12 essential elements necessary to write a memorable story. Each daily prompt focuses on one or more of the 12 essential elements of self-discovery.

BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED creative, thought provoking writing prompts with a purpose. Delivered to you by email, one each day, for the next 365 days!

  • When you join the writing mentorship, you will receive a purpose driven, creatively designed, self-discovery writing prompt each day, for 365 days!
  • Each prompt is delivered daily, right into your inbox. From your email, you can download a beautiful PDF journal page that includes the daily prompt, an inspirational photo and space to begin writing immediately! Save it to your phone, computer or print and write by hand!
  • You will also be invited to join an exclusive Facebook page with other writers who are focused on writing with the Self-Discovery 365 prompts. 

**** For a short time, I'm offering this as a bonus to those you join ****For every 30 prompts you write to, you'll receive a 30 minute one-on-one coaching call with me to review your progress.