Self-Discovery Writing Q&A

As a member, what will I have access to?

When you join Self-Discovery Writing Mentorship, you’ll receive an invitation to our Members Area, Facebook group and its content. This is also where members are actively sharing writing responses to self-discovery prompts. (Each prompt is delivered directly to you by email.) The Members Only Facebook group is where you'll find coaching included in weekly video lessons, responses to the writing you share and ongoing Self-Discovery writing guidance + The Members Circle of Influence monthly video. 

I’m already super busy. Is this going to take up a lot of my time?
You can engage and write with each prompt in about 15-30 minutes. That small bit of time packs a huge punch. You gain greater clarity each time you write and respond to a self-discovery prompt.

Can I cancel my membership?
You are free to cancel your $37 monthly subscription payment at any time without penalties or further costs.

If I cancel my membership will I have access to any of the membership content?
You will have the emails and prompts you've received up until that time. You will no longer have access to the Members Area, Facebook group and its content.

The prompts are designed around 12 essential elements of memories we use for story recall: 

1- Self-awareness

2- Awareness of others 

3- What you see (sight)

4- How you feel (feelings)

5- Spoken words you can recall and how they made you feel at the time

6- Stories/events that told you about how/who you are in the world 

7- Nature 

8- Play, Fun, creativity, music

9- Who/What are your influencers (beliefs)

10-Days gone by, old fashioned, no longer current, another era 

11- Motivators - rules, freedom, acceptance, recognition, attention 

12-Taking action, your choices, risks, danger

Members Experience:

- Weekly self-discovery prompts by email. These prompts help to create awareness of the authentic vision and personal goals you have for your life.

- Weekly video lessons that highlight at least one new self-discovery prompt each week.

- Write to the weekly prompt on your own and/OR share your written response with other members in our Members Only Facebook group.

- Listen in on monthly Circle of Influence calls where insightful excerpts of members self-discovery writing will be shared. 

- Quarterly Self Discovery Milestone markers that help to identify common threads (from your self-discovery writing), life theme, values, beliefs, and newly revealed positive    concepts of self.

- Compile specific (themed) stories and turning points, edit and publish if desired.

- Continue discovering more and more as the ebb and flow of life moves you along. 

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