Protecting Ourselves from Perceived Harm


Part of learning more about our personal story is realizing how we use defensiveness to protect ourselves.

I’ve certainly done this.

I’ve seen the worst in others while expecting them to see the best in me.

I’ve lashed out when I needed love in return but was too afraid to ask for it.

I’ve looked strong and fearless when I’ve felt alone and afraid.

Being vulnerable enough to be real in our weakest moments requires an open heart ?

When we are protecting ourselves we have our shields and swords up as a defense.

Lowering the shield and sword means trusting that we will be safe to reveal ourselves ?

My wish is that you can do that - feel safe to be YOU.

Without the ?and ⚔️ .

My experience is that life feels differently when we shift our expectations.

It takes practice.

You may lower and raise, lower and raise your shield a lot before you can trust that you’ll be safe without it.
I believe we can do this as we trust ourselves in the process of change ?



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