Recycle or Upcycle

Will You Recycle or Upcycle?

On the spiral of Life
We move along,
Often unaware of
Rather than creating change.
New seasons
Remind us of
Opportunity to create something
Than we have done in the past.
Constant movement
Planets orbiting
Around and
Back again.

Will 2018 be the year you create the change you truly desire to see?

If you had a plan in 2017 and it didn't turn out as you hoped it would,
Where did your plan fail?
Seeing the truth of what occurred is essential to not repeating cycles of the past.

Despair is when we give power to someone or something outside ourselves
And resolve to believe we are powerless in any given circumstance.

Take your power back and decide to create the change you wish to see.
Write your story.
What's your plan?

© Michele Brown

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