Relationships offer us the greatest opportunity for personal growth and expansion .
I'm pictured here with my amazing five adult children ?

As I witness them growing and experiencing individual paths in life, I'm very aware of how our interactions have shifted from when they were young children to how we relate now as adults.
In some ways the changes are good but in other ways it is painful and challenging. We tend to see each other from perceptions of past experiences (stories) and judgements. Letting go of those previous viewpoints and allowing change isn't easy.
My personal growth within these social circles is limited by how much I'm willing to expand my vision and release previous perceptions and opinions. You think it would be simple with those I love the most... but it's a work in progress. Part of my own self-discovery.

Each of us is constantly changing. My intention is to support my adult children on their unique paths without trying to control or push my agenda on them. I realize the best thing I can do is to support and believe in their ability to solve their own problems and pursue their own hopes and dreams.
Letting go of how things used to be, allowing and EMBRACING new ways of being with each other is how we can continue to enjoy one another's company. Otherwise we will grow apart as we change. I've seen this happen with my own siblings and extended family. When one of us changes and moves outside of what was previously seen as acceptable, others in that circle reject the changes - and the person.
I only have the power to change myself. I cannot change what I do not see or understand. This is one of the most valuable parts of the Self-Discovery process.

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