Responding to Disappointment

How do you typically respond when life disappoints you?

Most of us have a learned response or knee jerk reaction when faced with major disappointment.

These are the most common:

1- Emotional withdrawal or shutting down. "Why can't I have a better life? I must protect myself. I can't let others see my pain and weakness."

2- Anger, lashing out and blaming others. "I cannot trust anyone to be there for me. People are so screwed up."

3- Quitting, give up. It's just not worth it. "No matter what I do, it's never enough. Things don't work out for me."

4- Whine and complain. "Poor me. No one appreciates what I do. I'm always needy and alone."

As part of the self-discovery writing process, it's valuable to know what your most common reaction is (with its accompanying inner dialogue) to feeling let down or feeling major disappointment.

Once you know that your behavior (one or a combination of behaviors 1-4) is linked to particular feelings of disappointment, take time to evaluate why you're responding or reacting the way you are.

Your responses are ALWAYS tied to a story or stories from past experiences.

These are learned responses. We have a file of stories or memories with supporting evidence to back up what we believe.

>> This doesn't mean your file of evidence has been cataloged and translated correctly. But because you believe it to be true - you continue to seek evidence to prove you're right.

How much better could your experience become if you really understood the truest version of your stories? That the power of translation lies within you? Would you be willing to shift your beliefs and rewrite your stories?



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