Self-Discovery Mentorship


This 365 Day Experience is designed to support you as you become more aware of your history and create a better vision for the future.
(Designed with 365 prompts and videos nudging you to look beyond what you currently see.)
Freedom to be yourself is the best peace of mind a woman can have! 
When you are living on purpose, you no longer need to worry about gaining approval or permission from others because you are confident on your individual path.
Thoughtfully weaving new practices (shared in the 365 Day Mentorship) into your life, will gently guide you to a more authentic present day self.
Reveal more about your unique path and purpose.

Receive support and guidance on your journey of self-empowerment.

You can feel greater freedom as you align with a more authentic version of  yourself.

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  As a member, what will I have access to?

  • Daily Self-Discovery prompt by email for 365 days
  • Coaching and guidance included in recorded video lessons.  
  • Monthly Live group call with Michele.          
    I’m already super busy. Is this going to take up a lot of my time?
    You can engage and write with each prompt in about 15-30 minutes. That small bit of time packs a huge punch. You gain greater clarity each time you write and respond to a self-discovery prompt. We also recommend you watch program videos regularly and participate in the monthly group call to receive optimal results.


"I just want you to know that these prompts are absolutely incredible.  I swear, I’ll have something going on, and the prompt will be EXACTLY what I need."

"Honestly, Michele, I've been ever so much pleased with everything."

"This program is great, you are so good at creating these self-discovery prompts!"

“I have grown so much both in writing and in personal growth.”

"These prompts are bringing a lot out of me, feels good."

 “I’m so thankful I found the courage to take a chance on myself and stop trying to do this alone. It's very encouraging to wake up and want to participate in this mentorship.”

“Love this. Thanks Michele.”

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