Self-Discovery Writing

 We define ourselves and our experiences through the process of story.

When something occurs in life, our brain automatically organizes information into what we refer to as 'story'.
Our stories are constructed from life events and include:
A scene, characters, motive and outcome.
We draw conclusions about what's occurred and assign meaning to the events.
Much of what we conclude turns into what we believe. Our beliefs run us.
Usually this happens so automatically we don't ever question it.
This is how your brain constructs your reality, your perception of what you experience.
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How would it feel to DISCOVER: You're not all of the negative ideas you've believed about yourself? 
You have the ability to fulfill your dreams and wishes.
You can really experience peace and forgiveness.
You can release chains of blame, shame and regret.
You can feel more alive as you align with your authentic self.
You can have the healthy relationships you desire.

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Try it, experience clarity about your life like never before. 

(This is designed as an annual mentorship. 365 prompts and monthly group calls nudging you in the direction of looking beyond what you currently see.)
  • Whether you’re a writer looking for better material to include in your writing, - unveiling truth from error in how you’ve developed false interpretations into lifelong stories!
  • Or, you desire to “Discover the truth of you and Embrace the freedom to become your authentic self.”

How amazing would you feel to finally love who you are?

Learning about yourself and your history with these unique prompts is going to reveal valuable insights you haven't previously known or considered.

This kind of personal knowledge is empowering to assist you in moving forward without continuing to be bound by chains of the past.

Members Experience:

  1. Daily Self-Discovery prompts by email. A benefit of using these unique prompts in your meditation and writing, is the increased clarity you'll gain regarding your life journey, your strengths and unique gifts.  Increasing feelings of self-worth as your authentic life is revealed in unexpected and gentle ways!
  2. Video lessons that review 'how to' regarding use of the prompts and Essential Elements for optimal Self-Discovery results.
  3. Meditate and write to the prompts on your own and/OR share your written response with other members in our Members area included on the Self-Discovery website.
  4. Participate in monthly Circle of Influence calls where insightful excerpts of Members Self-Discovery writing will be shared and additional questions answered.
  5. Quarterly Self Discovery Milestone markers that help to identify common threads (from your self-discovery writing), life theme, values, beliefs, and newly revealed positive concepts of self. 
  6. Continue using the prompts to discover more and more as the ebb and flow of life moves you along. If desired, edit and publish specific (themed) stories, including turning points.

Students are saying:

  • "I just want you to know that these prompts are absolutely incredible.  I swear, I’ll have something going on, and the prompt will be EXACTLY what I need."
  • "Honestly, Michele, I've been ever so much pleased with everything."
  • "This program is great, you are so good at creating the prompts!"
  • “I have grown so much both in writing and in personal growth.”
  • "These prompts are bringing a lot out of me, feels good."
  •  “I’m so thankful I found the courage to take a chance on myself and stop trying to do this alone. It's very encouraging to me to get up and want to write. The prompts are challenging to me because I had pretty much shut down my senses for "feeling". Thinking is one thing, but to examine my feelings is another. I stopped wanting to go "there". Yet in doing so, I can sense a "lift" in I might have cracked the door open a little.”
  • “Love this. Thanks Michele.”

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