Self-Discovery Writing


 We define ourselves and our experiences through the process of story.
If you don’t recognize the false aspects weaved into stories you share, you can’t change and rewrite them from a more authentic perspective.
We cannot clearly see the misinterpretations and inaccurate conclusions we’ve made about our own stories.
These are the stories that can keep us stuck in repeating negative patterns and unhealthy beliefs. No matter who you are or what you’ve achieved, EVERYONE does this to some degree. (Although most do it unknowingly.)
Self-Discovery Writing is designed to support you in building a foundation for a more authentic and powerful story as you write.
That’s why I developed Self-Discovery Writing - to experience freedom from past stories and beliefs that keep us stuck in a repetitive cycle of unwanted results.
Thoughtfully writing with these daily prompts, the 12-essential elements of writing and instructional videos, gently guides you to a more authentic story. Leading to greater personal freedom, clarity and compassion about the life you are currently living.
Clients who worked with me previously in a 10-week life story writing program, who then did self-discovery writing, experienced big ah-ha’s about their stories. It was super inspiring for me to witness. They wanted to go back and rewrite their life stories from this new empowering perspective.
Within a few short months, members are experiencing one ‘ah ha’ after another by using the Self-Discovery Writing L.I.F.E.™ Process + the original prompts and 12 Essential Elements in their writing.
This experience has a ripple effect. As you have greater clarity about your life, your insights can illuminate the path for others.
DISCOVER: You're not all of the negative ideas you've believed about yourself. 
You can learn to experience peace and forgiveness.
You can release chains of blame, shame and regret.
You can feel more alive as you align with your authentic self.

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Experience clarity about your life like never before. 

(This is designed with 365 prompts nudging you in the direction of looking beyond what you currently see.)
  • As a member, what will I have access to?

    When you join Self-Discovery Writing, you’ll receive an invitation to log into our Member's area where video content is shared. In the Members Area, you'll find coaching and guidance included in pre-recorded video lessons.    A Self-Discovery writing prompt daily by email for 365 days.          

    (Each prompt is delivered daily, directly to you by email.)

    I’m already super busy. Is this going to take up a lot of my time?
    You can engage and write with each prompt in about 15-30 minutes. That small bit of time packs a huge punch. You gain greater clarity each time you write and respond to a self-discovery prompt. We recommend you write regularly (at least once per week) using the Self-Discovery Writing prompts to receive optimal results.

How amazing would you feel to rewrite a more authentic story?

Learning about yourself and your history with these unique prompts is going to reveal valuable insights you haven't previously known or considered.

This kind of personal knowledge is empowering to assist you in moving forward without continuing to be bound by chains of the past.

Self-Discovery Writing students are saying:

  • "I just want you to know that these prompts are absolutely incredible.  I swear, I’ll have something going on, and the prompt will be EXACTLY what I need."
  • "Honestly, Michele, I've been ever so much pleased with everything."
  • "This program is great, you are so good at creating the prompts!"
  • “I have grown so much both in writing and in personal growth.”
  • "These prompts are bringing a lot out of me, feels good."
  •  “I’m so thankful I found the courage to take a chance on myself and stop trying to do this alone. It's very encouraging to wake up and want to write to these prompts.”
  • “Love this. Thanks Michele.”

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