Self-Discovery Writing Q&A

As a member, what will I have access to?

When you join Self-Discovery Writing Mentorship, you’ll receive an invitation to log into our Member's area where video content is shared. In the Members Area, you'll find coaching and guidance included in pre-recorded video lessons. 

A Self-Discovery writing prompt daily by email for 365 days.  

(Each prompt is delivered daily, directly to you by email.)

I’m already super busy. Is this going to take up a lot of my time?
You can engage and write with each prompt in about 15-30 minutes. That small bit of time packs a huge punch. You gain greater clarity each time you write and respond to a self-discovery prompt. We recommend you write regularly (at least once per week) using the Self-Discovery Writing prompts to receive optimal results.


Members Experience:

- A Self-Discovery writing prompt daily by email for 365 days. A benefit of using these unique prompts is the increased clarity you'll gain about your life journey and your own strengths and gifts.  It also increases feelings of self-worth as your life is revealed in unexpected and gentle ways!

- Video lessons in the Members Area that review 'how to' regarding using the prompts with Essential Elements for optimal Self-Discovery results.

- Quarterly Self Discovery Milestone markers that help to identify common threads (from your self-discovery writing), life theme, values, beliefs, and newly revealed positive concepts of self.

  • If desired, edit and publish specific (themed) stories, including turning points.

- Continue using the prompts to discover more and more as the ebb and flow of life moves you along.