Trusting Your Internal Compass

Your body is the vehicle you’re using to experience this earthy journey. Are you aware of the amazing gifts your body brings? We criticize the body for its size, shape, wrinkles, color, etc.

Most people hate their body and don’t see it as the incredible gift it is.

Remember the game you played as a child - someone would hide an object and as you tried to find it they’d guide you by saying, “You’re getting warmer” which meant you were getting closer OR “You’re getting colder” which meant you were going in the wrong direction?

Years ago, while planning a move to southern Oregon, I felt some anxiety about deciding where to live. I didn’t know one single person in my new surroundings. I’d come from living in a city where I’d been most of my life and knew the people, streets and customs. As much as I loved my new surroundings and the beauty of southern Oregon, I allowed my fears of being in a new place get the best of me.

After the first full day of searching for a new home on my own, I felt overwhelmed and unsure. That night as I sat alone in my motel room, I meditated, prayed and asked for direction in finding and choosing the perfect home for me. Reading from my journal entry of that 2012 experience, I found these words, “Remember that game you played as a child, someone would hide an object and you’d tried to find it while being told, 'you’re getting warmer' when you were getting closer or if you were going in the wrong direction they’d tell you, 'you’re getting colder'."  It felt like I was being divinely directed to play this game as an adult, only use it as guidance to find my perfect home, while trusting my inner guidance – my internal COMPASS. It turns out that the city where I was first searching for a home felt ‘cold’ and once I looked in the right place, a town 17 miles away, would I begin to feel ‘warmer’ and discover the perfect place to settle in and create my new home.

I share this with you today because you may be a regular journal writer too. Now, regular doesn’t have to mean daily – it could mean weekly, monthly or even a few times a year. When you look back through those journal entries there is likely to be wisdom that can guide you today. As you begin a new season, it’s a good time to choose what you’d like to create now. Looking back is helpful to see where you desire to go in the future. But it can also be a good indicator of how far you’ve traveled.

The insights you’ve gained from your travels are valuable. Include the most valuable wisdom in your life stories and give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Do you trust your internal compass? If not, consider joining me for self-discovery writing to reveal more about trusting yourself in your journey.

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