We are not one dimensional


This week has been a roller coaster for me. Started out on a high, quickly descending into a day of sadness on Wednesday where I couldn’t stop crying ? There were several ‘reasons’ but what’s important is that I gave myself permission to feel sad. I used to avoid feeling sadness at all costs. I was so afraid of it that I became an optimist junkie. Optimism was my survival technique for many years. It worked for me until it didn’t anymore.

Turns out there were challenges that couldn’t be ‘optimized’. They were things like divorce, bankruptcy, severed friendships and job losses. 2002 was a year where they all happened at once! It felt like the universe was trying to break me.
That year, when I was at an all time low, is when I started helping people write their life stories ❤️ .

Something I’ve learned over the years, the quickest way for me to get out of a slump is to help others - even when I don’t feel like helping.
The meaning of life isn’t about achieving happiness or success. It IS about how we reach out to help and include others. In our darkest hours, we can find hope when we choose not to be alone.

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