Why is change so hard?

Consider that you’ve been running on the survival programs of control, force and reactivity without knowing anything different.
What if running the on a thriving program of passion, possibility and pleasure is the new path?
Yes, this will feel foreign at first.
Letting go of control.
Leaning in to what feels good.
Aligning with your desires.
Feeling lit up by an inner fire ? 
We’ve been taught to fear our desires.
To stay in our head rather than our body.

Connecting to your passion, pleasure and inner fire doesn’t happen when you’re disconnected from the emotions of the body by always living in the mind where judgment resides.
I’m not just talking desire in a sexual way, although that is part of it. Creation starts there for all of us.
If reading this is triggering for you, it’s because we’ve been taught that it’s wrong and sinful to have desires.
The truth it that this is where our greatest creative power originates. 

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