Writing is a tool that can be used to help us better interpret our life experiences


November - December is that time of year when 1 of 2 reactions is common - you either love it OR you hate it! The holidays can be challenging for people who are alone, lonely, have painful memories or years of unmet expectations. It can be a joyous time of year for those who have a good support system, wonderful memories and the ability to focus on giving and service.

I want you to picture your personal tool box for a moment, I wrote about this concept initially in a blog post in February of 2017:
"We are each given a tool box when we’re born. Tools we use to interpret and experience life. Family, community, culture, religion - these tools and perspectives are life influencers. Add to that a personality and DNA traits (physical and mental) and we have major life path predictors. I’m not inferring that life is predestined to end up at a certain spot. But rather to experience a particular path. We have the freedom of choice. We can choose our attitudes, beliefs and responses. However, most of us let these tools or influencers run us until we become aware of and desire something different. Along our life path we can pick up new tools that offer improved ways of living. We may also discard old tools when we find they no longer serve us well. When we become aware of other choices we won’t always make the necessary change. Change can be difficult and even feared. Most of us stay with tools that are familiar. Sometimes it takes a very painful circumstance before we will pick up and use new tools."

What are the new tools you've used to adapt and create positive changes in your life?

Writing is a tool 🙂 that can be used to help us better interpret our life experiences.

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