Are you struggling to clearly define your unique path and purpose?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about being stuck in a life that doesn't feel like your own?

Would you love to know what your gifts are and how you are unique?

Are you tired of keeping your dreams on hold?

Have you worried about never finding a job that makes you feel valued for your contribution?

Are you secretly working on a project that feels like an exciting opportunity but you feel hesitant about sharing it because people might reject you and your ideas?

Do you feel frustrated wondering how others seem to easily land on their path of success and purpose?

Getting this right, is one of the most important things YOU will ever do!

What separates my service from any other is that I take my clients on a unique story reveal journey, where they receive powerful clarity and guidance through extremely specific step-by-step exercises and coaching. This leads them to discover their path and purpose and craft a message they are proud to share.

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Recommendations from other participants:

“Each workshop would spark many new ideas about my life. I was surprised by the amount of content I got and how Michele helped me focus on what was most meaningful for my specific journey.” ~Julie

"In the journey of  sharing my story, I feel myself becoming gentler with my life path and the people on it.” ~Deb

"I was pleasantly surprised by this experience!  With Michele's coaching, I was able to discover my own unique purpose and message." ~Ben

"Michele made a huge impact on my life through the workshop and seeing the value in my journey. I am so grateful." ~Irina

"This program was amazing, and honestly life changing for me!  Michele helped me sort out my goals and make them attainable - and I cannot imagine another instructor as patient and perceptive.  Highly recommend!" ~HartshornArt   

"This program has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in YEARS.  I am REALLY going to miss the weekly calls; hearing the insight that others are sharing and listening to the feedback and suggestions given has been just fantastic. It’s helped me to look at my own writing journey in a new way. The suggestions given in our one on one calls were HUGE. Amazing! Thanks so much for everything!" ~ LW

More comments from graduates:

"So many 'aha' moments in this program." ~ Lynn
"I'm forever changed after this experience." ~ Marge
"Each week on Q&A calls, I came away with pages and pages of notes." ~Barb

"My personal victory in working with Michele is a greater belief in myself. Michele, thank you for investing in so many around the world!" ~Charlotte

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