You’ve Become A Forest

“One day when you wake up, you will find that you’ve become a forest.

You’ve grown roots and found strength in them that no one thought you had.

You have become stronger and more beautiful, full of life giving qualities.

You have learned to take all the negativity around you and turn it into oxygen for easy breathing.

A host of wild creatures live inside you and you call them stories.

A variety of beautiful birds nest inside your mind and you call them memories.

You have become an incredible self sustaining thing of epic proportions.

And you should be so proud of yourself, of how far you have come from the seeds of who you used to be.”
- Nikita Gill


Take a moment today to reflect upon this lovely poem.

How have you grown stronger? Write about your early seedling years, using metaphor to contrast seasons of growth - drought, sun, storms, nourish, harvest.

Describe your life giving qualities? (your gifts)

What are some of those wild creature stories that live inside you?

How will you record your most beautiful memories?

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