Faith Based Writing

Your personal story of healing and transformation is exactly what someone else needs to hear.

I know it can feel scary to share personal experiences. There’s a vulnerability that is required when you tell your story. You can decide what and how much detail you offer.

Ultimately, you will need to share 3 steps:

1- where you were and why that caused you to suffer

2- what brought you to change, heal or transform

3- how that change has blessed your life

Even though your specific circumstances may be unique to you, the ways in which you found your way out of the darkness and into the light can be the exact healing balm someone else is searching for.

You can lift others through sharing your Faith Based Stories

Acts of service can help to overcome feelings of loneliness and lift depressing thoughts of self pity.
Christ’s example was a life of service. Reaching out to comfort, heal and strengthen. Always focused outward.
During Jesus’ lifetime he used his power for good and taught the importance of caring for one other.
Years ago when my children were small, and their father and I had recently divorced, I was feeling alone and depressed the day of Christmas Eve. It was their turn to be with their father and I couldn’t face the thought of spending the holiday alone.
My mind raced as I considered possible alternatives. I had received invitations from friends for the evening but being with other peoples families rather than my own - didn't sound appealing.
Then an idea popped into my mind.
I drove to the dollar store and purchased 10 small stuffed animals along with a box of Christmas cards. At home I wrote a note in each card and tied red and green ribbons around the plush toy animals.
That evening I drove to the local hospital and walked the halls while searching for lonely souls like mine. It turned out to be one of the best holiday memories of my life.
I looked for patients who were alone in their rooms with no visitors. And discovered the personal healing benefits of reaching out to comfort others.
Spending time with these strangers, listening to their stories of being alone in the hospital on Christmas Eve, filled my heart and erased any feelings of loneliness.
I learned that night how helping others is like a magic formula for forgetting your own problems - if only for a moment.

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