What is Your Divine Nature?

While facilitating large groups, and coaching individuals for over twenty years, I've identified one common denominator in most all human beings; they do not see their own great worth.

How you view yourself, will influence everything you choose to think, say and do in your life.

When you can know and feel God's love for you, your ability to feel compassion and forgiveness for yourself will increase exponentially.

Recognizing your DIVINE ATTRIBUTES will strengthen your ability to develop and share the God given gifts you've been blessed with.

Join my next monthly Story Circle to learn how to view yourself and your journey from a more divine perspective.

I know God loves you. He is watchful over EVERY SINGLE aspect of your life. He gave you the gift of Life and free will to come here and choose for yourself who you will become. Everything on earth gives you experience and is something to learn from. The more wisdom you gain in this life, the closer you are to seeing your DIVINE NATURE. This wisdom lets you see yourself as a Child of God who is on a path of learning and growing. Giving you more clarity about why Jesus came to earth. We were never meant to be perfect in our earthly journey. The plan was an opportunity for us to gain experience and learn from each phase of our life, to then make better choices that eventually lead us back to our Father in Heaven.

Join my monthly Story Circle where I facilitate a group of believers who gather with me each month (online) to discover and practice their Divine Nature. There is a monthly theme and lesson assigned to all participants. The monthly gathering is held via zoom where each can share personal insight and learning from the assigned monthly exercise. We were meant to support each other on our earthy journey. Story Circle has been life changing for many of the participants. Email me at micheleruthbrown@gmail.com for more information.