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It's been my privilege to work with people in developing their stories for over 17 years. Story is who we are. It's how we interpret the world around us and recall the experiences that transform us.

If you're looking to share your story, it can feel overwhelming to take decades of an entire life experience and reduce it down to a 15 minute stage presentation or a 200 page book.

I work with motivated individuals who understand the power of authentic story. These people desire to craft their own unforgettable story. Connecting with story in a way that's BOTH personally transformative AND inspirational to others.

My clients receive the valuable tools and assignments they need + powerful clarity and guidance with specific step-by-step coaching as we discuss completed writing assignments and set action plans for desired results.

Because getting this right, is one of the most important things they will ever do! 

"The Premier Writing Experience" package includes:

Connecting with your story in a way that's meaningful and personally transformative.

You receive the valuable tools and assignments you need, we answer all of your questions, discuss completed assignments and set action plans for your desired results.

This option is for high achieving individuals who want long lasting results. In this 12-month program, we schedule four 30-minute calls per month to get and keep you on track as you Discover Your Most Empowering Story.

These packages include: One-on-one coaching sessions

"The Essential Story Discovery" package includes:

This option is for independent self-starters who want to take consistent actions in revealing their most authentic story. In this 8-week program, we schedule two 30-minute calls each month.

Gaining clarity about your life experiences and the message you want to pass on.