Do You Have A Story To Tell?


I help people discover and write the life stories they want to tell.  Sharing the wisdom in those stories along the way.

This workshop is designed to stimulate ideas and generate material  for your stories.

How do we tell our stories? What do we include in writing, and what remains unsaid?

We focus on how to recount life experience and make meaning out of it. We feel a need to testify, and write real-life stories that can be shared long after we're gone. Mentoring future generations by sharing wisdom from lessons learned.


What are participants saying?

“Each workshop would spark many ideas of what and how to write. I was surprised by the amount of content I got in class and how Michele helped me focus on what to write.” ~Julie

"In the journey of writing and sharing my life story, I feel myself becoming gentler with my life path and the people on it.” ~Deb

"I was pleasantly surprised by this workshop! I initially attended with my mother to support her but ended up feeling really motivated to write my own stories." ~Ben

"Michele made a huge impact on my life through the workshop. I am so grateful." ~Irina


 Top reasons to attend this workshop:

#1- A Desire to Preserve your Legacy by Writing your Stories

#2- You need a system that gets RESULTS

#3- You're looking for Motivation with Step by Step Instruction and Guidance

#4- You value support and accountability partnerships



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