What is Your Story to Tell? How Can You Use Your Voice to Share Your Message?

Revealing your powerful message is incredibly meaningful. In fact, once you clearly see it, it can be life changing.

How do you go from confusion to clarity?

Often when I first start chatting with someone about their story or the main message of their journey, I can clearly see their powerful message.

What I've learned over years of coaching is that it's much more meaningful if I guide you to discovering and seeing it for yourself - rather than just telling you what I see. Because if I tell you what I see, you won't appreciate or value it like you will when you go through the process of revealing it for and to yourself.

It's been my privilege to guide people in developing their story and message for over 18 years.

The first step in my online course is to review your major life turning points - it's similar to a Life Map. We take you through a series of questions, writing prompts, conversations and online videos to help you uncover the treasures within your past. 

With ongoing support and Q&A calls, we offer the necessary coaching and guidance to keep you moving toward your desired outcome.

When you understand how to focus on certain ideas regarding your life and it's message for you, it becomes easier to let ideas flow and speak to you.

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We can chat about what defines your story and message and where to go from there.

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Where is your power?

It's in knowing what sets you apart and inspires you toward your individual path and purpose.

If you're looking to identify what sets you apart, it can feel overwhelming to take decades of an entire life experience and reduce it down to a one minute elevator pitch, a 15 minute stage presentation or a 200 page book.

I've coached many clients over the years who needed a personalized theme that aligned with their unique style and abilities.

My clients receive the valuable tools they need + powerful clarity and guidance with specific step-by-step individualized coaching.

Because getting this right, is one of the most important things YOU will ever do!