What is Your Truest Reflection?

How we view ourselves can be a source of tremendous peace and calm,


It can cause a great disturbance within us.

At any time, we can transform the stories we use to define our experience.

Join the next Story Circle to learn how to view yourself and your story from a more authentic and empowering perspective.

Recognizing how your internal story pops up and blocks you from improved circumstances, is everything!

Humans don’t realize the deep, intricate stories they’ve created about themselves regarding relationships, job, family, health, safety and money.

Most of us are playing many of the same stories on repeat. The majority of these scripts originated from our childhood experiences. 

Once we recognize HOW the story plays out over and over again, HOW it is blocking us from being able to create a new story of what we really want 👉 we can better support ourselves by shifting the story and implementing steps to break free from the ties and tricks of these subtle internal scripts.

This results in better relationships, improved well-being, a job that you love, more abundance, even a new opportunity to do the business or creative project you most want to do!

But it’s more than just recognizing the story you have on replay and simply telling a new version about what it is you want to create. YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE HOW THE INTERNAL STORY POPS UP AND BLOCKS YOU FROM IMPROVING YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

Deep inside of your thoughts and beliefs, it is natural for you to keep playing these old stories on repeat  - almost as natural as breathing. 

Internal stories are extremely subtle with various layers to them. 

You will see the most obvious at first and then as you are ready and open to see more, the next layer of the story will be revealed.

👉All of our stories have some truth to them, that’s what makes them so believable. The ability to recognize how they trip us up and then decipher and bust through their lies, is what we achieve in Story Circle ⭕️ 

Once you recognize how these stories are blocking you from having what it is you truly desire in life - 

You can practice following steps you learn in Story Circle ⭕️ to continually evolve and release additional layers as they pop up.

The amazing part of being in Story Circle ⭕️ is not only do you get to see the truth of your stories and recognize how they pop up and block you, but you also get to learn from others in the Circle.

Participating in this upcoming Story Circle ⭕️ will be done by donation only. I’m not setting a dollar amount to join like in the past. Simply because I feel that there are many people who are ready to shift their story and I do not want to limit participation because of money constraints. The last year has been difficult and it is more important than ever to be able to recognize where you are blocked and have the freedom and ability to move forward.

If you would like to participate, email me at the email below and I can send you more information.

Email, hello@tellmeyourstorynow.com for more information.

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