Who is Michele Brown

Hello, my name is Michele Brown and I am the Founder of Tell Me Your Story Now, Self-Discovery Story Circles, Your Path to Purpose and The Renewal Experience.

I feel fortunate to work with groups and individuals as they unravel, decipher and share their stories. Part of what I bring to these collaborations is my ability to see through the default story they've been telling for years to the authentic story that reflects their true gifts and wisdom.

I've facilitated hundreds of group discussions while leading workshops over the years.

It's clear that each individual has a very unique perspective about their journey. No two people are on the exact same path with identical views.

I've been blessed to witness many life journeys as people like you share their stories with me. I've been listening closely. Listening to not only the words you say but also to what you don't. Hearing the pain, disappointment, learning, wisdom and personal growth between the lines of what you share.

The beauty is in the journey. Your journey is your power. Power to see yourself with more love and compassion. You have a unique purpose, message and mission.

Clarity about your journey allows you to finally see it.

Join me on a guided journey from confusion to clarity - walking a path of purpose that’s right here waiting for you. Email hello@tellmeyourstorynow.com with any questions.

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I consider myself a natural storyteller and one who enjoys writing. I am a catalyst and intuitive guide for remembering the truth of who we are. I'm passionate about guiding my clients to see their own brilliance + fully align with and step into their personal power.

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Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated by listening to my parents and grandparents share their stories. I can remember sitting at the feet of my grandmother many times and asking her to repeat my favorite stories about her life. These stories always included some crossroads or serious dilemma looming in the background.  I felt that her stories gave me another glimpse into the real woman my grandmother was and not just this older woman in front of me who’d grown tired and weary. She passed away before I was 12 years old and I can still vividly recall these moments of sitting with her and listening intently as she shared her stories.

As I grew into adulthood it was natural for me to draw out stories from strangers who would often tell me “I’ve never told anyone that before”.  My passion and interest in listening to people share their story has continued through the years. In 2002 I began conducting 'Story' group workshops and mentoring individuals in various aspects of writing and self-discovery.

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  1. This is what I have been looking for. I’ve been waiting for the time to begin. I just retired and will be 65 in December. I almost feel that it is too late. Still hoping to write and to learn, What’s the next step?

  2. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate how well you made your presentation!!! It is excellent and to the point. It was a little slow at first, but when you got to the meat, you plowed through this in a way that I have not seen done in probably 95% of online video courses that are out there. Thank you for resisting the need to pressure people into buying something immediately. Knowing you are out there in such an openly communicative way is a great asset! I am sure you are successful partly because you make people feel so comfortable. From your story, it appears to come from the kindness your grandmother showed to you.

    I am currently 177 pages into writing a book about my youth for my grandchildren primarily, but I feel that it has the potential to lean toward the interest of people who enjoy periodic family history. I am going through your website to glean what I can. I am currently signed up with Self Publishing School online. At some point, I will more than likely want to have a talk with you. I will check back soon.

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