The Renewal Experience

Have you forgotten your divine worth?

The person you were created to BE?

The innocence of a child trusts and believes they can do anything.

Picture a toddler learning to walk.

Falling down again and again.

Bumped and bruised yet determined to get up and take another step.

When you think about doing that now, do you feel tired? Have you lost the connection with the part of you who believes in your innate power and ability?

There are countless examples of how we've all disconnected from our authentic selves out of fear and choices rooted in trauma and survival.

This has been done unknowingly in most cases. We were trying to survive. We needed to feel loved. We only wanted to feel good. 

It’s time to remember who you are.

Renewal begins with the intention of becoming you again.

  • Session 1 - Reveal - To see, make visible, unveil yourself as an authentic, pure being of light.  (Your authentic self prior to when you began feeling fear of abandonment and fear of life.) Experience the Powerful Reveal of your authentic self.
  • Session 2 - Release - Freedom from bondage, letting go of limiting inner dialogue and stories. Through years of adapting and changing, we try on different identities, stories and beliefs. Experience the Release of limiting beliefs.
  • Session 3 - Reset - The zero point, begin again, realign. This session will focus on getting clear about what you truly desire and how to intentionally create from this point forward. Experience Reset by seeing and identifying what it is you truly desire.
  • Session 4 - Recharge - Connecting to your power source, plugging into inspiration, intuition, invigoration. Rest and regenerate. Experience Recharge through divine connection.
  • Session 5 - Replenish - Fill and nourish. Experience Replenishing yourself as you give yourself what you need.
  • Session 6- Restore - Renovate, revive, return to original self and continue to build upon that firm foundation. This is the part of you that existed prior to becoming so afraid that you went into hiding to survive and protect the authentic believer, dreamer part of you. Experience Restoring self-love practices that nurture and strengthen you.
  • Session 7 - Regenerate-  To regrow or replace lost or injured parts of you. Learning new ways of growth for you now. Constantly regenerating and becoming new in each moment. Experience Regeneration through continued self forgiveness and healing.
  • Session 8 - Renewal - a state after an interruption, ‘to make new’ and restore to existence. "I AM RENEWED as my authentic self." Experience Renewal through expanding your new vision: creating more flow, ease, beauty, elegance and abundant receiving.

The RENEWAL Experience is for you if...

You feel depleted and ready to reboot your system with love, strength and support.

You want to know your authentic self.

You are ready to level up your life.

You are done repeating cycles and want to release chains of the past.

You know there are amazing parts of you that are hidden and afraid of being seen.

You believe it's time for you to embrace your inner power and fully love and trust yourself.

You just know it's what you need to do.

"Inside everyone

is a great shout of joy

waiting to be born…"

-David Whyte 'The Winter of listening'

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Michele Brown is the Founder of Tell Me Your Story Now & Self-Discovery Mentorship: Your Path to Purpose. She has facilitated hundreds of group discussions in addition to mentoring many individuals.

Michele is a natural storyteller and enjoys writing. She is an intuitive guide and a catalyst for awakening to our authenticity. She is passionate about guiding her clients to see their own brilliance + fully aligning with and stepping into their personal power.

What is Renewal?

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