4×4 small groups

This has been a joyous experience to connect with the synchronistic gathering of purpose and intention in a small group setting.

Every 4 weeks the group changes. The 4 people in each group can change but so far most have chosen to continue and participate in another 4 week experience together.

Below are examples of a few inspired discussions we've focused on so far in these joyous small groups:

"If there was a powerful message that came down from the heavens and spoke directly to you, what would it be?"

"What if you were chosen?"

"Who are you on the other side of struggle?"

"Clearing limited beliefs and discovering freedom on the other side."

"Creating Your Own Life Tribute."

"Defining values and life legacy."

"Learning to interpret messages from your body and trusting your inner compass."

If you are interested in participating, please send me an email and I can add you to the waiting list: hello@tellmeyourstorynow.com (The investment to participate is $111.00 for 4 weekly 90-minute small group sessions on Zoom.)