A Tribute to Mother

Eyes of clear blue and ivory smooth skin, 

She gave love from deep within.

Held and rocked from infancy,

She shared her love of books with me.

Despite her childhood being one of heartache and pain,

Ne’er did her devotion as a mother feign.

In search of fame and worldly security,

Her own mother walked out on the family,

Determined to give what she hadn’t received,

Mother nurtured and served while teaching us how to believe.

In a family of love, commitment and prayer.

It's been years since she passed and I can still feel her presence near.

Click link to read the story about her mother, my Granny: https://tellmeyourstorynow.com/snippets-of-stories

I hope you'll take a moment to write your own tribute to a mother or grandmother for the upcoming Mother's Day.

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