Another time, another place











What about the past holds our gaze?

Living here and now

Believing we’ve moved on

Images reappear

History is not erased

Body of pain, guilt and shame

Feelings from the past

Alive and well

Opening to ashes that reignite

A burning within

Wanting to escape the pain

Where is the damn delete button?


Thought the work was done


Trash Emptied

Life recycled

~Michele musings October 2016

© Michele Brown

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  1. body of pain, guilt, and shame
    I’m about to go to a reunion. the only reason I agreed was because I was afraid to go. and I
    wanted the feeling of fear that rise in my stomach to go. Now I don’t go around fearing any things. I learn early anything that too upsetting to me I don’t think of it at all, but sometimes things come up.

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