Blind spots are areas where we cannot completely see ourselves

Our identity originates from a story about who we are. We each identify in multiple ways.

Personally, I identify with myself as a teacher, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer.

The stories assigned to each of these identities includes a vast library of past and present definitions and conclusions.

If I have a blind spot about any of the stories that describe me and my life, I cannot fully embrace the beauty and wholeness of me.

Blinds spots are areas where we cannot completely see ourselves.

Each of us have these blind spots.

We believe stories about ourselves that are not completely true.In fact, some of the stories we use to define ourselves are ? false.

For example, anyone I’ve ever spoken with has a deep belief and story about how they’re not good enough. They can quickly list all the ways in which this is true.

Do you have secrets you keep well hidden, out of fear that they will entirely expose your imperfect, flawed self?

This secret story keeps you from seeing the unique beauty of who you are.

Beginning to see yourself without any flaws is a process of cutting chords and attachments to stories that hold you in the blind spot.

You cannot completely see the truth of who you are unless you are willing to look at these blind spots and shine the light to reveal (the revelation of) more of you.

The best part of the Self-Discovery Mentorship is allowing yourself to look beyond the stories and conclusions you’ve used to create your false identity ?

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