How could this view change your perspective?


Imagine for a moment that you could soar high above the clouds to see your current circumstances from a different point of view. Would it change the things you are currently worried about? Would you do something different with your day? Would you feel more expansiveness?

We can get stuck in our daily routine, habits of thinking and interpreting what happens around us. It helps to take a break, even if it’s only a brief visualization to gain clarity about life and how different it can appear from this ‘sky high’ view.

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  1. Las Vegas, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, earthquakes in Mexico and wild fires in California and Montana —

    I am looking down from above seeing NOT all the chaos, the violent devastation, but seeing the love that is flowing from survivors to those who are affected by all the ravages of demented man and angry nature. I see the influence of hurricane Harvey and how it affected little seven year old Chloe. Her compassionate heart reached out to assist a lady with her valuables. Chloe’s house was spared, but a friend of the family lost almost everything. As her daddy and brother were loading into ONE pickup load of remaining possessions of a life of 57 years in their Houston house, Chloe gently picked up the woman’s little collectible figurines and washed them tenderly with Clorox water and rinsed them and wiped them dry. Then, she wrapped them in tissue paper and stored each one into a waiting box. I see the brawn and service of a group of 18 and 19 year old boys and girls as they go into the area of Fort Lauderdale which was awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma. They went out into the neighborhood and found strangers who were struggling to board up their homes before the storm vicious winds struck. They generously gave of their strength to help those in need. I see the 14 year old encouraging her mother as they anticipated the arrival of Irma in Columbus, Georgia. Suzanne was worried and waiting. Cassidy said,”Mom, let take some things to the shelter.” Suzanne was up and in the car, off to the local store where she and Cassidy purchased several boxes of diapers and other necessities. They delivered the load of supplies to the local shelter. As they arrived back to their home to wait, peace was there as they wait for the storm. Sometimes we only focus on the negative, destruction and meanness or nature and man, but looking past the external affects, one can see the humanity expressed in God’s love and mercy through those people around them who take the opportunity to reach out in love and sacrifice to help others. Thus, the view of destruction is transformed to love, sacrifice, and gratitude.

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