Is it time to write HERstory?


What does history mean? HIS-story? Maybe it's time for HER-story now!

Went to see the movie, "The Post" over the weekend.
It made me think about how men have primarily been the authors of history. I absolutely love that a woman wrote the script for this movie!

As women - we ought to feel grateful we have the opportunity to speak up and have a voice more now than ever before in history.

Women make up 97% of my online group.
Now, there could be reasonable explanations for this:
I'm a woman, perhaps women are more drawn to it because of that.
Or, is it possible, that more women are drawn to WRITE THEIR STORIES today, because for generations women did not have the FREEDOM to do so???
Are female ancestors speaking to us through our DNA, urging us onward?

Is there an increase in female authors today?

What percentage of American history is now being written by women?
"American popular history is a 'male preserve', according to new research from the US online journal Slate, with three-quarters of works published last year written by men – and history experts believe the playing field is just as “heavily gendered” in the UK." (article written in June 2016)

What percentage of Bestsellers are written by women?
*When you read this article look at the chart by decade. It appears that HISTORICAL bestselling genre written by women increased dramatically in 2010.
Best-selling romance novels were mostly written by men in the 1950s, but in the 1960s women took over.

"Like many institutions, the publishing industry has long been accused of gender bias. Every year, the VIDA Count organization goes through literary journalism outlets and tallies the genders of the writers whose works are featured and reviewed in those outlets. According to their most recent study, in 2015 books by women made up less than 20% of books reviewed in the New York Review of Books, 30% in Harper’s, 29% in the Atlantic, and 22% in the London Review of Books."

Let's support female authors


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