New Age Spirituality was like a shiny new ornament that drew me to ideas like, “Do you” and “Follow Your Bliss”. Little did I know in the beginning that I would end up losing my faith in God.

Those who once had spiritual vision can suffer from self-inflicted spiritual blindness. As Henry B. Eyring said, “Their problem does not lie in what they think they see; it lies in what they cannot yet see.”
In the early part of this century, I became enthralled with teachings of New Age spirituality. I devoured personal growth books written by popular new thought leaders. I was fascinated by their ideas and philosophies.
These authors were guests on Oprah Winfrey’s popular tv talk show and that’s how I initially heard of them.
At first I tried to be in the middle of both of my beliefs (Christian and New Age) but I was soon swept into the depths of distortion and deception. During that time I seldom turned to God to ask for help - when surrounded by darkness and despair, I questioned the identity of a higher power. The adversary had cunning ways and means of convincing me to continue to question the existence and power of God. I became blind to the truth.
I accepted these new age teachings as my truth and distanced myself from the religion of my youth. I discarded many of the values I’d grown up believing were true.
Rather than participating in any particular religious group, I relied more on myself to have the power to ‘will’ my way through life by using the ‘secrets’ of manifestation, healing and abundance taught in the books I was reading.
I attended various classes, weekend healing retreats and seminars. All of which included remedies or steps that promised to bring transformational results. I was hooked from
the start.
What was I looking for? I suppose at the core, it was a feeling of importance and acceptance.
Do any New Age teachings resonate with you?
Of course there is truth to some of the aspects taught. The idea of personal healing and the power of our belief and focus - these are all beneficial. But like any distortion (truth mixed with lies) many of the concepts have been hijacked to convince us we can achieve it all ourselves - without needing to rely on the power of God and Jesus Christ.
Over time, I began using the term ‘universe’ and ‘source’ in place of God. This was the beginning of moving away from my faith in divinity and moving toward the ways and philosophies of modern authors and teachers.
For many years I pretty much followed anything that Oprah recommended. Her influence was dominant in my life. When she talked about God, it appeared that she was doing a lot of good. I even attended an Oprah event in person a few years ago with my oldest daughter. For the most part it was very inspiring. But it led to me buy more books written by speakers at the event - looking to these popular leaders for more information and answers instead of seeking direction from God.
Thankfully, I am no longer on that path.
Over recent years I was able to receive quiet messages that led me to opening my heart to God once again. I am so very grateful. This change of heart has brought me feelings of great peace and humility.
No doubt, part of this recent change in my life has occurred because of what I see happening in the world. There is rampant deception occurring at an alarming rate.
Experience has shown me the importance of allowing one other to choose what we need to, in order to learn and grow.
No one individual could’ve said or done anything to change my mind or my beliefs prior to me being ready to make a change.
There wasn’t one specific action that led me here today. I didn’t leave my faith in God overnight and I didn’t find my way back to Him suddenly. It was one small step at a time.

I will share some of those experiences in the coming days because I think it will help people understand how important it is to continue having hope in those who have ventured off God’s path. We can find our way back to God - eventually.

Our lives are made up of small and seemingly insignificant decisions.
Over time, these choices multiply into a dominant influence over our thoughts and habits that can culminate into the span of a lifetime.
Who we follow, the information we consume, the entertainment we support, all shape our thoughts, feelings and habits.
Some are beneficial and some are not. Because they seem small at the time, we may not recognize their power in our lives.
- Michele Brown 2021

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