The Stories We Tell


Imagine the many stories these bridges could tell of the people who took passage across their crossing foundation. Some structures used for crossing have been standing for generations of time, witnessing many transitions from one side to another. What were the situations one would leave behind as they crossed over to the other side?
In order to create something new, we’ve got to release something from the past that we’re holding on to. We’ve held on to our stories for a long time. We use our stories to keep excusing ourselves for being where we’re at in life. In order to move into a new experience we must let go of these stories.

The problem is that most of these stories are so much a part of us that we don’t even recognize them as stories. We believe they are our truth.

Probably the most important journey we can take is the journey inward. Each of us is a unique individual. We are a combination of inner self, (I like to think of this as our heart and soul) heredity, and experiences and beliefs formed. As we become more self-aware of our history and what our deeper beliefs are- we are better prepared to face them and release them. We are often afraid of confronting our stories and deeper beliefs and unaware of how they govern our lives on a daily basis.

When we allow the old records to continue to replay in the mind - the hurts, failures and negative experiences of the past, we can’t embrace change. We’ll just keep repeating the same stuff over and over again. Getting your internal dialogue going in the direction of what you want to create now is the key. No longer allowing the past to occupy your present. Focus on new possibilities. Stop thinking about what you’ve done wrong. The negative voices are the strongest so as long as you focus on those you’ll have a war on the inside and you’re not going to feel good.

The only way to change this is to change your internal dialogue put a new record on- start thinking loving thoughts about yourself and find something to be grateful for in that moment. “As a man or woman thinketh so is He or She.” Until you’re willing to let go of your past hurts and pains and start focusing on your new possibilities, it’s going to keep you right where you are. You can’t have a bad attitude toward yourself and do your best. Expect that you will experience goodness in your life. Our faith is made effectual when we acknowledge the good in us. Get your inner dialogue going in a good direction- toward your very own promised land.

© Michele Brown

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