Are you over the hill?

I wonder how many times a day we tell ourselves we’re over the hill or perhaps we believe we are too old to change or try something new or even learn to change.
It’s easy to look at the younger generation, no matter how old we are, and believe they've got all of the advantages somehow.
I’ve even fallen into this trap myself a time or two. What I’ve discovered is that I’m really in a rut and getting out of that rut and learning to create new and different habits takes a lot of focus and personal desire. We have to create new ways of thinking, believing and perceiving ourselves.
We actually can change the ending to our story and create the life we most want to live.

What do you think keeps you stuck?
Your fears?
Your health?
Your pain?
How would it feel to begin taking small steps each day to creating new habits of thinking, believing and behavior? You would see a change within just 30 days. If you are willing to take small steps toward new choices each day.
Are you interested?
Change doesn’t happen overnight. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your current conditions that is the first step to awareness and a desire to change.
If you are interested in creating a positive change toward living the life you desire, please join me for 30 ways in 30 days ❤️
And yes, it does involve writing prompts. Brand new writing prompts. I will write along with you and share my daily responses to the prompts.

Click on the link below (or copy and paste the link) to find my private Facebook group where you can join me and over 800 other writers as we follow the "30 Ways in 30 days " together.

Hope to see you there,


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