It’s okay to feel afraid

Part of self-discovery is sitting with ourselves and acknowledging our fears. Not running from them or trying to wish them away but literally saying, 
“I’m not wrong or a failure for being afraid. These fears are perfectly natural. It’s okay to feel how I feel.”
Something about this process creates a safe space to feel, acknowledge and allow the fear to be seen. It seems to dissipate more naturally once it’s seen and acknowledged. 
It’s also important to refrain from judging yourself. Rather give yourself a little compassion and understanding for continuing to live each day the best you can.

When we focus on life experience it's easy to get stalled in our past - focused on shortcomings, pain and regret.

Part of Self-Discovery Writing is to support you in moving forward - while mining your history for golden nuggets of truth and wisdom. But NOT keeping you there for long.

Our past will always be within us, however we want to live the cumulation of our experiences and be present in our current moment so we can create the life we desire NOW.

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