Does Your Past Define Your Future?










Does your past define your future?

We each collect memories. We gather memories with ease and store them away for later use. Sometimes they are lost forever. Other times they hang around and we attach meaning or story to the memory. These memories usually define who we think we are. Without even knowing it – we can tell ourselves stories that aren’t true. What are the lies we tell ourselves? How does this happen ever so subtly?

It gives our present life new meaning when we understand our past with greater clarity.


Writing is a process of self-discovery. Discovering the meaning and value of our experiences.

What are the deeper truths you have discovered about yourself during the writing process?

I go into this in great detail in my online writing program. It's not something I can teach in a post.

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  1. This is a little hard to answer, in that I have experienced a lot of hard times in my life that have helped me determine the path that I want to follow, but I don’t know that I would say that they have defined my future. I suppose it depends on your perspective whether or not one would say it has defined my future.
    I am a survivor of Polio! Not a victim! I contracted Polio as an infant in June 1949, before the Polio vaccine came out. This was only the first time I came close to death. I grew up determined to be just like everyone else, even though I grew up walking on crutches with my legs encased in heavy steel & leather braces & the ugliest shoe/boots that you’ve ever seen. Yes, like the ones that Forest Gump wore in the movie of the same name. I guess that is why once I took myself out of those horrible braces, I was obsessed with cute shoes, sandals, & boots. I grew up walking on crutches & even though that was a life long challenge, I took it as a way of life & it never slowed me down in any way. I never looked at my self as being handicapped, challenged, but not handicapped. I love the live that God has given me!
    I am also a survivor of a terribly abusive marriage. My first marriage was a thing that nightmares are made of, or at least it seemed that way to me. I would not change it though, because it gave me the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with….my son, Kelley. It also made me realize that my present marriage of almost 44 years is a blessing not to be taken for granted. If I had not experience the horrors of that first marriage, I might not have realized how much a wonderful marriage should be cherished! I love the life God has given me!

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