Thoughts of Mother

My mother would come into my room to gently wake me up for school, "Good morning Sunshine" she would say. If I didn't get up right away, the singing would start, "Sleepyhead, sleepin' in the sun, gotta get up and get your day's work done. Sleepin' in the sun all day, ain't gonna take your cares away."
I've never been much of a morning person. I can still hear this song in my head when I want to sleep in.
My mother was a morning person. She rose early and had much accomplished before the rest of us even got out of bed. She always had a delicious hot breakfast waiting for us in the kitchen.
It still amazes me to think about all my mother did as she cared for and nurtured her family. Her mother abandoned the family when she was just six years old. She was raised primarily by her grandmother, not having a bedroom of her own but rather sleeping on the couch each night.
As an adult, my mother was intently focused on how she could be the mother she never had. By sheer will and determination she learned the skills that were important to her in caring for her family. My father's sister and mother taught her how to drive, cook and sew. They loved her and embraced her like family.
If I were to define my mother, I would say that her family defined her. We meant everything to her, we were her life. I miss her every day.

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