Follow Your Heart

Be who you are, speak your truth and continue to move to the beat of your own heart. 

Even if that means quitting a job, leaving a relationship, a religion or moving to another state (I’ve done all of these).

Ultimately what you’re choosing to do is to follow your heart and be yourself.

“Feelings and emotions are energies that emit powerful magnetic fields. The stronger the elevated feelings, the stronger the magnetic field. Research shows that the heart produces the strongest magnetic field in the body - five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza 

You create a much more powerful magnetic field when you’re focused on feeling love, hope, desire and enthusiasm - than if you stay in your mind focused on thoughts of fear, worry, doubt and criticism.

It takes courage to trust your heart and create a life that calls to you. Especially when it may be very different than what those around you are doing. 

This is how you shine your light and lead the way for others who are looking for examples of how to do this.

Be that living example ❤️

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