How will you know?

How will you know when you’re ready for the next step in embracing and stepping into your powerful message?
Resonance and Readiness are one and the same ✨
What are the signs?

?Recognizing aspects of what you align with appearing all around you.

?You repeatedly read or hear an idea or message that strikes a familiar chord within you.

?You feel antsy and know it’s time for a positive change.

?You may resist these feelings *and knowings* at first but they keep getting stronger and more frequent, until you finally see it and laugh at yourself for taking your sweet time ?

You're on your way there now. 
You are not behind schedule.
You will not miss anything that is meant for you.
And you are meant to experience a life that lights you up and in turn, bless others.
Because when we cannot see our own light, how can we possibly see it in others?

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