I’ve been asleep for 19 years

Whaaaaayt a minute, this is crazy to think about!
I had to do the math several times myself before I could believe it. 

I’ve actually slept for 19 years of my life!

Makes me rethink about how I value my time.

How am I making the best of my lifetime?

Time is passing whether I sit and do nothing 
Sit and write a book,
Write a letter to someone I love,
Dream, plan and visualize the life I truly can design and live.

I invite you to think about this today.
Do the math.
How many hours do you spend watching tv or scrolling through social media each day? 
Calculate the years you’ll spend over an average lifetime of doing things that won’t necessarily improve your life.
We need sleep.
We need rest.
We need to chill and do nothing sometimes.
But when we get to the end of a lifetime,
What are the totals of time invested in experiences and outcomes we most wanted to create?
I love sleep and it’s necessary for all of us.
The scary thought is not how many years I’ve slept 
but how fast the years pass.
The real question is:
How many years have I been truly awake,
Living the life I desire to live ?

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