If you don’t know you, you can’t love you

How long have you been looking for someone to love you?

Everyone has stories they could tell about searching for love ? We live in a world where we have learned to focus outward. Always looking to someone or something outside of us to feel complete.

The problem with this is it’s a never ending pursuit.

Because we are looking to FILL THE HOLE within us.

When our true desire is to FEEL WHOLE.

There are fractures we’ve all experienced because of painful life events when we didn’t feel safe, loved and accepted. Over time we create walls to try to protect ourselves from the pain of feeling unsafe, unloved and unaccepted.

What’s the answer? Go within. Feel the pain you’ve been avoiding. It won’t kill you. But it will awaken you. Awaken and teach you about who you are. Once you get past the initial shock of your inner emotions and false beliefs, you can begin to see the truth of your incredible power and purpose.

I ask that you stop looking to someone or something else to make you feel whole and complete.


As you become more aware of who you are, you will love YOU.

Seeing yourself without guilt, shame or blame is liberation! Clear vision of self is unimaginable until you experience it ?

This part of you, the true authentic you, is who you are underneath the layers of self protection and the belief that you had to become someone else in order to survive.

I see You. It’s time to lower the barriers that you thought were protecting you and become FREE ??

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