Recognize these three stages of discovery as you engage with your unique purpose

In the stages of discovering your unique path and purpose, there are many starts and stops along the way.

When you first discover your calling or unique purpose - it will light you up and inspire you. This feels exhilarating! This is when you want to shout from the rooftops, tell your friends, start a new business, write that book, music, song or create a social media page to share your message. This stage is Action!

The next stage is Questioning. Is this really what I’m meant to do? Feeling doubt because we are NOT familiar with standing in that powerful place of knowing and clarity about who we are. And so we shrink back by questioning. Success doesn’t happen overnight (for most of us). You will have small wins along the way, and you need to acknowledge each one.

*Remember there are many starts and stops along the way. It’s all okay. These are stages of growth.

The next stage is Pausing. You’ve been excited and inspired, which caused you to take action. When things didn’t go quite as you expected you questioned yourself. Most if not all people will stop here or put things on pause for awhile. Please don’t give up here, it’s just a stage!

If you don’t know what to do, or don’t know this stage is normal in the knowing your purpose journey, you may want to abandon your belief in the call.

A lot of what you do at this point depends upon how strong your belief is. Your belief in yourself and in your calling - your unique purpose. *Vital to know how to connect with that inner desire, inner fire, inner guidance that can and will keep you on course.This is when it becomes very important to have a clear message. To clearly define in a succinct way, what your calling is. This is something you can share with others, you can use in marketing or in telling your friends and family what you’re doing. But mostly this is for you. You need this to stay the course. You need it to walk through times of fear, doubt and discouragement.

I’ve been through all of the above stages repeatedly and learned to see it for what It is. Growth!

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