Memory Box

Children are the best imagineers! The thing is, we all still have a child within us. Creativity comes easily to children until they begin to learn structure, boundaries and limits.
Today let's focus on bringing out the creative play of our inner child. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction you need to move into the creative flow. Anything we do can open the flow of creativity if we are playful with it.
Start by finding a box or storage container with lid. If you are using a shoebox, it would be fun to wrap it with paper and decorate it. This box will be used as a memory box. I want you to find pictures, stickers, magazine clippings, news articles, a piece of fabric - anything that represents YOU.
Over the next few days continue to add items to your memory box. The idea is that if someone opened your box years from now and saw the contents, they would see 'you'.
This is the feeling of embracing the playfulness of your inner child!
Actively add to your memory box and begin to write stories from those memories. There is no time like NOW. NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP PROCRASTINATING AND START WRITING. You can edit, tweak and improve your writing as we go. Just START.

I understand, thinking of writing an entire life history from birth to present day feels so overwhelming!!! We aren't going to do that. We are taking one step at a time! START NOW. Take the first step.

"In my memory box is a picture of Necco candy. As a young child, prior to elementary school, I have memories of going to our small-town cafe in Wyoming with my dad. He and I would sit on the dark red vinyl booth seats while he drank hot coffee and I enjoyed ice cold root beer. Drinks were served from the fountain behind the counter and I always had my choice of candy from the colorful display up front. We did this often when he was in town. Being an engineer on the railroad, it was a celebration when he arrived home from those two-day trips wearing the denim striped overhauls and railroad hat. He would scoop me up in his arms and give me a big hug and kiss with a Dutch rub! He must have been visiting with friends at the cafe on those mornings. I don't really know for sure. I was in my own world. I recall looking underneath the tabletop of the booth where we sat and being fascinated by the multiple globs of rainbow colored gum attached there. It didn't matter to me that it had already been chewed. I thought it looked delicious and it was therefore irresistible!
The ritual of drinks and treats has stayed with me to this day."


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  1. What you did in this piece is exactly what I am doing in my writing. I can see clearly everything you are talking about and therefore it warms my heart.

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