Why do you want to write your story?

While we write to share ourselves, we first write to discover ourselves. In the beginning of a project, just write for yourself. Let the pen roll across the page without judging. You've got to get into the flow. It's like anything, if you haven't done it for awhile, you need to warm up. After you've written a few pages you can decide if you want to share it. Perhaps you won't share it for awhile - or ever. Maybe you want to let things simmer for a bit and rewrite or add to the piece before you 'put it out there'.
This is why I like writing prompts. They get me started. It's a warm up. From there I can decide what direction to take.

Today I ask that you write about why you want to write your story. What is the purpose?
Do you want others to understand you? To really see you - and know your heart?
Do you want to be remembered long after you're gone?
Do you want to understand yourself better?
Do you need to clear up any misunderstandings about your choices?
Do you want to have the last word?
Do you want to share your wisdom and lessons learned?
Get clear about your motivation. In your writing today let yourself write without structure, no punctuation, no thought about spelling or grammar. No one will see this but you. Even if you write the same words over and over again. Keep writing for 5 minutes. Asking yourself as you write, "What do I have to share? Why is this important to me?"
When you come up with the answer (it may be evident right away or it may come to you throughout the day) write the answer on a recipe card or post it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror.
"I write to discover and share myself"
"I write to unleash my creative muse"
"I write to process my feelings"
"I write to send messages to a time I will never see"
"I write to preserve my legacy"
"I write to see what spills out onto the page"

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