Nurture Creativity

Nurture an environment for creative thoughts to germinate and prosper:
If you are focused on all the ways you don’t measure up, you’re a failure, not good enough, etc. you aren’t in a receptive flow for creative ideas to surface.
Be in the receiving mode rather than thinking, “I’m not very good at this, I need to work harder, I will never be as good as _______.
Mindfulness is a practice that helps to create awareness of thought patterns. 

Practice writing down at least 2 things each day that you did well. Focus on those when habitual negative thoughts arise that cause you to feel worthless.
As children, play and creativity came naturally to us. Through the process of life we’ve lost touch with much of this childlike playfulness. 
Schedule time each week to escape your work duties and explore a new way to play.
For example, if you love the outdoors perhaps you could go to a local park and swing in the swings.
If you enjoy indoor activities, consider finger painting or making cookies, anything that feels like play.

Once we are able to connect better with our inner child and open the valve to playfulness,
The creative flow increases. The more we nurture this, the more we will see results of new ideas and innovative problem solving that we couldn’t before.

How do you practice tapping into your inner resources of creativity?

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