Remembering Who You Are

When I began writing life stories for people 18 years ago, I decided it was most important to identify their purpose, mission and main life theme in order to center stories and experiences around that main idea.

As I first created interview questions to discover this information about my clients, I quickly realized that most people don’t know these answers about their own lives. It was up to me to create a series of questions that would help me peel back the layers of life and discover who my client really was. Kind of like spiritual detective work. I say spiritual because I wasn’t looking for surface answers, I truly wanted to know them at their most authentic level.

I found stories and nuggets of life that my clients hadn’t thought about for years. Mostly they were happy moments. This is when I could easily see that the joyful times aren’t always those at the surface of memory. People are more apt to have painful memories and disappointments at the surface because these are what they think about most.

Uncovering layers of stories in a way that could illuminate someone’s true essence as they came into this world, has become my art.

Similar to creating a beautiful life tapestry through seeking to know someone’s childlike innocence.

Discovering that part of someone and then showing them what I’ve revealed through their life data, is an emotional moment.

I no longer write individual life stories for clients. Rather than taking months to work with one client at a time, I prefer teaching many people how to discover their own brilliance. Yes, I guide them through the process because most people resist seeing the good in themselves.

This may sound strange but I’ve witnessed it over and over again. As humans, we’ve been conditioned to focus on our mistakes, missteps and shortcomings. We aren’t quick to see the good within ourselves.

Seeing their life path laid out in a way that shows their authenticity has been extremely illuminating for clients.

My favorite thing, is the moment when I see the recognition in a client’s face. The moment when they remember who they are. There’s nothing like it ✨?✨

With Love, Michele

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