Life Design

What is the purpose of life?

What is my purpose?

Two of the most universally asked questions.

For much of my life I believed that my purpose was to earn my way back to God in Heaven through a series of right choices. Passing various tests, knowing the signs and symbols along the path. In order to stay on the right path and be able to return to God, I often feared I wasn’t good enough and the idea of a judgment day was motivation used to fight against personal evil and temptation- even my own human nature.

I no longer have that same point of view. My beliefs have evolved over the years. As I’ve studied and observed people, I see life as a journey, not a race to be won or a test to pass. I believe we are each here to experience, grow and become more compassionate beings. I see my life as having a specific design. Perhaps I even had a hand in that design prior to birth. A design which offers specific situations to assist me in learning and seeing the life path that is vital for me. A type of plan that pushes and pulls at me until I get the message of change that is needed. I’ve seen this many times in my life when I have had repeated opportunities to learn something. When I didn’t pick up the new tools and learn, the opportunity repeated itself again and again.

We are each given a tool box when we’re born.  Tools we use to interpret and experience life. Family, community, culture, religion - these tools and perspectives are life influencers. Add to that a personality and DNA traits (physical and mental) and we have major life path predictors. I’m not inferring that life is predestined to end up at a certain spot. But rather to experience a particular path. We have the freedom of choice. We can choose our attitudes, beliefs and responses. However, most of us let these default tools or influencers run us until we become aware of and desire something different. Along our life path we can pick up new tools that offer improved ways of living. We may also discard old tools when we find they no longer serve us well. As we become aware of other choices we don’t always make the necessary change. Change can be difficult and even feared. Most of us stay with tools that are comfortable. Sometimes it takes a very painful circumstance before we will pick up and use the new tools.

I imagine within each life body there is a capsule filled with ingredients that will activate at certain points along the way. When each ‘time released’ ingredient is activated we become restless and begin seeking new experiences, new ideas and possibly even new relationships that cause us to leave the comfort of what we know. Puberty is one of those points where we can see this occurring before our eyes. There are other biological changes obvious to the observer. I believe there are many other changes which occur from ‘time released’ ingredients that cause us to seek something new and different. What if this is all due to our life design?

Writing your story will reveal tools you’ve used to interpret your life as well as your life design. Join me for the next workshop to discover more about how to share these in your writing.

~Michele’s Musings February 2017

© Michele Brown

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