When you come out of the storm…

All of us are experiencing the storm in different ways right now. We won’t be the same after because big challenges always change us.
Can you already see this as you look back on different hard times you’ve gone through? 

I believe our difficulties strike chords within us that may have been dormant for some time.
Perhaps we have silenced our voice because life seemed easier that way.
Or we went along with what our family or friend groups believed - even though it didn’t truly resonate with us. 
We believed life would be easier if we just went along and didn’t rock the boat.

I think all of us have done that in one way or another.

But when hard times strike at the core of our being, it can cause a stirring within that speaks and nudges us to question and search for what we really believe.

If our actions aren’t aligned with those beliefs, we can do 1 or 2 things. 
We can step out of our comfort zone and begin to speak our own powerful message. 
Or we can continue to silence and deny that voice. Which ultimately causes a deep unrest, even anger as we lash out and blame others for not allowing us to ‘have our voice’.

There is no time like the present to begin to embrace and step into your purpose. No longer allowing what someone else will think or do dictate WHO WE ARE AND WHO WE CAN BE.

This message is for you but mostly for myself. Even though people who know me well might not think I’ve silenced my voice, there are definitely areas I have played it safe.

I am feeling the call to share in a bigger and more personal way than I have previously.
Maybe you feel that call too. If so, I know it feels vulnerable and risky. 
I just know I don’t want to get to the end of my life and have not fully lived ? the way I was designed to be ?
I want this for all of us ?♥️

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