Do not forsake or abandon yourself

Know you were born worthy and deserving.

Living causes self-doubt (it’s how you eventually learn to know who you really are).

When you repeatedly doubt yourself - it can have a snowball effect.

One that swiftly builds more confidence in what those around you have to say,

While melting away the trust and confidence in yourself.

You lose pieces of you a little bit at a time.

It can start with a criticism, or sarcasm, “Can you do anything right?” “You always screw up!”

Even watching someone excel while you feel less than.

Eventually, you may forsake yourself altogether.

You switch to seeking approval from others instead of seeking to know and love yourself ♥️

You may no longer know what your personal preferences are,

Because you’ve been focused on defending, protecting and pretending to be someone else.

Gather in those scattered parts of you that have been lost or hiding.

Welcoming them with back with open arms,

Refusing to abandon the frightened little child within.

It’s safe to come home to your authentic self.

Allow me to be your guide

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