What does it feel like to know and live according to your personal power?

If you are feeling triggered by what’s happening outside of you - in the world, it’s a really good time to go within and strengthen yourself and your knowledge of who you are. Build up and nurture you.

Make a list and add to it as you remember positive aspects of you.

Become reacquainted with your likes, strengths, aptitudes, all the parts of the unique being you came here to be. What are the things you’re drawn to?

What are the subjects you enjoy studying and the activities you look forward to? Write down what’s unique about you, what your preferences are, your strengths and your natural inclinations.

Your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and experiences are all part of your unique experience - they are not wrong or bad. It’s all part of life experience.

You gain wisdom through experience as long as you don’t get stuck in believing you’re a victim. ? That belief is the #1 disempowerment tool. When you believe someone or something has power over you, you succumb to all sorts of outside controls and manipulation.

When you lose yourself as you are engaging with the world and your surroundings, you lose touch with your greatest strength and superpower- KNOWING WHO YOU ARE and THE POWER OF FREE WILL.

Life experiences are interactive and social. Through that social conditioning it is natural to look outside of yourself as you try to fit in and gain acceptance and approval.

The disconnect occurs when we learn to look outside of ourselves for approval MORE than we look inside and listen to our inner guidance and preferences. We lose touch with that inner compass that keeps us anchored into a distinct awareness of who we are as individuals.

?Our power is in being who we are, not blending in with the crowd and losing ourselves in the process.

We all do this at different levels - some more than others.

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