What are the GREMLINS in your head?







Those discouraging dark thoughts that stand in the background, waiting for a chance to step forward and grab your attention.
DRAGGING you down, down, down to feeling doubtful, depressed and damned awful.
How do you pull yourself out of that, or stop yourself from getting sucked under in the first place?
Do you listen to great music?
Read positive thoughts?
Phone a friend?
Take a walk?
Soak in a warm bubble bath?
Enjoy a bite of dark chocolate?

You wanna know what works?



Writing your little heart out.

Getting those thoughts out of your head and onto the page.

Two things happen.

1- It’s a release to write.
2- You can read what you’ve written later AND you may be surprised to learn you didn’t even know those thoughts were in there.

This is what I do. I coach students in self-discovery writing by using prompts to get to the good stuff. The stuff you are really made up of

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